Annelise Haugstad


About Me

Dog Show Judge, enjoys open water swimming, penchant for Scandicrime in the native “Scandiwegian”.

Why Should a Solicitor Choose Me?

Annelise has a particularly easy manner with vulnerable defendants, including clients with leaning difficulties and psychiatric problems. She excels in client care.


Annelise has been instructed in cases of murder, serious sexual offences, child cruelty, animal cruelty, multi handed drug offences, arson, offences of violence and all manner of offences committed by young people and vulnerable defendants. She has represented defendants as young as 11 years old and cross examined witnesses as young as 7 years of age. Annelise has appeared in the Coroners Court representing bereaved families.

She is member of Chambers Family Mediation Team, mediating for parents and couples at a very difficult time in their lives.


Recent Cases

- Defended a man charged with Rape of 14 year old boy involving several defendant
- Defended rape within relationship
- Defended a number of historic sexual offences
- Defended in a number of cases involving psychosis and false confessions



Practice Areas

Regulatory and Criminal Litigation


Family Mediator

Direct Access Qualified

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