Ian West


Ian is one of our most experienced barristers in the field of criminal law, appearing for both the defence and prosecution in cases at all levels of seriousness, from assaults and dishonesty offences to murder and serious sexual offences.

Regarded as a tenacious advocate, solicitors value Ian’s meticulous case preparation and his ability to quickly get to the heart of a case. Ian can translate and present often complex or difficult subject matter in a readily understandable way to a jury.

Ian prosecutes rape and serious sexual offences. He has appeared for both sides in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division in both conviction and sentence appeals and for the respondent in Attorney-General’s Reference for unduly lenient sentences. He has also conducted a murder appeal in the Court of Appeal against a QC and has appeared as leading junior for both prosecution and defence.

For more than ten years, Ian has been active in Bar politics. He is a former elected member of the Bar Council, and was, until he resigned spectacularly in protest at the Bar’s acceptance of ‘the Deal’ with Mr Grayling in 2014, to the exclusion of the solicitors’ profession, a member of the Executive Committee of the Criminal Bar Association. He has been guest speaker at meetings of the legal professions in London and the North East. You can find him on Twitter via @ianswest

Married with two sons, Ian is a keen (although not particularly accomplished) golfer, and enjoys watching football and cricket.

Recent Cases

  • R v. Gillian Wheeler: successful defence in multi-million pound ‘Ponzi’ fraud/moneylaundering case, 2016
  • R v. Ryan Lancaster: successful defence of multiple-count rape charges, 2015
  • R v. Liam Coatman: successful defence of blackmail charge, 2015
  • R v. Paul Kime and others: prosecution of three week,sixteen-handed, violent disorder trial, 2014
  • R v. James Jack: successful defence of gay rape charge, 2014
  • R v. David Graham: defence of three-week mortgage fraud trial 2013
  • R v Downes: minimum sentence in firearms case – A-G’s reference in CACD (2013)
  • R v H: child cruelty (defence) 2012
  • R v Vo and others: cannabis farming (prosecution) 2012
  • R v Daniels: attempted murder (defence) 2011
  • R v Gelardo: murder trial and appeal against conviction (defence) 2011
  • R v Downes: £1 million business fraud (defence) 2010
  • R v Hutchinson: stranger rape (defence) 2009



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Regulatory and Criminal Law


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