Jane Waugh


Jane believes criminal law affects the lives of everyone involved – defendants and their families, victims and their families.

That is why, regardless of whether she is prosecuting or defending, she works to ensure her standard of client care to both professional and lay clients is of the highest quality.

She is proud of her reputation for advising at an early stage of the case so that issues surrounding the management of cases, such as disclosure issues, bad character applications and defence statements are dealt with in a timely fashion.

She has appeared in the Court of Appeal on Appeals against Conviction and Sentence as well as Attorney General’s References. She has also appeared in the Divisional Court, Coroner’s Court and Courts Martial.

Recent Cases

  • R v Bryan Thompson (2015) - Historic Sexual Abuse going back 35 years, involving issues of Doli Incapax and Abuse of Process.
  • R v Allen Layton (2015) – Sexual Abuse involving child complainants , one with autism, cross examined via an intermediary.
  • R v Sam Hunter (2014) - a case involving the abduction and gang rape of a thirteen year old girl .
  • R v Samantha Hope (2015) – s18 young defendant stabbed her mother in the back.
  • Attorney General’s Reference No 32 of 2012 Wounding with intent. Sentence of thirteen years imprisonment ultimately imposed for a vicious attack of a vulnerable victim.
  • R v Rani & others (2013) Conspiracy to Blackmail.  A sophisticated ‘Honey Trap’ case.
  • R v Keane & Garner (2013) Joint enterprise murder case with 16-year-old defendants (led by Jamie Hill QC).



Practice Areas

Regulatory and Criminal Law


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