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Richard has been a practising criminal barrister for 22 years. Prior to reading for the Bar finals in 1996, Richard read Environmental Science. Outside of court he maintains his lifetime interest in natural history and conservation.

Why Should a Solicitor Choose Me?

Richard has a friendly and approachable manner and extensive experience in dealing with vulnerable defendants and complainants. He always aims to provide outstanding client care.

Richard is a specialist criminal practitioner. He is head of the regulatory and criminal litigation team. He was first appointed as a Grade 4 Crown Prosecutor at just 10 years Call in 2006. He was re-appointed as a Panel 4 Prosecution Advocate in 2012 and re-appointed again in the most recent competition. He is approved to prosecute rapes and serious sexual offences.


Richard has very wide experience in prosecuting and defending the most serious criminal offences.

 Recently he has prosecuted and defended in a substantial number of serious sexual offences, drug trafficking offences and offences involving serious violence and death. He appeared as prosecution counsel (led by Tim Roberts QC for the appeal) in one of the most recent leading cases on abuse of process and appeals against a terminating ruling at the Crown Court S (D) and S (T) [2015] 2 Cr. App. R. 27

Richard also acts for a large number of local authorities and public bodies in private prosecutions. He is frequently contacted for advice in the very early stages of investigation and as a result almost every case upon which he has advised has resulted in a guilty plea. Advice is given on collecting evidence, powers of search, further lines of enquiry and the appropriate charges. An ‘open door’ policy is offered with advice being given quickly where required.

Richard has prosecuted a large number of high profile trading standards cases which have received significant publicity. Several of his cases have been the subject of television documentaries and have featured on BBC Watchdog, Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC Rogue Traders as well as the national news.

Richard also has considerable experience in POCA proceedings having conducted a number of complex confiscation proceedings in conjunction with local authorities and RART (Regional Assets Recovery Team).

Richard also accepts instructions in Health and Safety cases.

The following are some of the recent cases in which Richard was instructed as case Counsel. They do not include returns from other Counsel nor cases returned to other Counsel. The allegations are specified.

Recent Cases

R v Anton [2018] (sexual assault)

R v McKeown [2018] (rape, sexual assault of a child)

R v Griffiths [2018] (sexual assault of a child)

R v Laycock [2018] (indecent assault of a child)

R v Sowerby [2018] (sexual assaults and grooming of a child)

R v Bedlington [2018] (indecent assault and indecency with children)

R v Reid [2018] (rape)

R v Cameron [2018] (rape)

R v Graham [2018] (threats to kill and false imprisonment)

R v Tray [2018] (false imprisonment and kidnapping)

R v Walker [2018] (sexual assault of a child)

R v Buckworth [2018] (murder)

R v Spiteri [2018] (buggery and indecency with children)

R v Brown [2017] (rape)

R v Hughes [2017] (rape)

R v Reay [2017] (causing death by careless driving)

R v Robinson [2017] (GBH of a baby)

R v Whiles and Whiles [2017] (child cruelty)

R v Allison [2017] (GBH with intent)

R v Hardy [2017] (causing death by careless driving)

R v Wood [2017] (rape)

R v Bussey [2017] (sexual assault of a child)

R v Dunn [2017] (rape)

R v Peacock [2016] (rape)

R v Regan [2016] (rape)

R v Hallcup [2016] (child abduction)

R v Owen [2016] (causing death by dangerous driving)

R v Hatfield [2016] (rape)

R v Mohammadi [2016] (rape)

R v Smith [2016] (rape)

R v Wright [2016] (rape)

R v Walker [2016] (conspiracy to supply heroin)

R v Afonughe [2016] (rape)

R v Wilson [2016] (rape)

R v Hall [2016] (rape)

R v Barker [2016] (rape)

R v Bashir [2016] (causing death by careless driving)

OPERATION TETRA [2016] (lead prosecution counsel in a conspiracy to rob Market Cross Jewellers)

R v Foster [2015] (attempted murder)

R v Bedford [2015] (attempted murder)

R v Urwin [2015] (causing death by dangerous driving)

R v Gillibrand [2015] (arson being reckless as to whether life endangered - complainant loses leg after drunken prank)

R v Rowland [2015] (causing death by dangerous driving)

R v Jeffels [2015] (blackmail)

R v Froom, Milburn and Copeland [2015] (conspiracy to burgle)

R v Cumiskey [2015] (rape)

R v Gudgeon [2015] (arson being reckless as to whether life endangered)

R v McKie [2015] (rape)

R v Crooks [2015] (section 18 wounding)

R v Whitfield [2015] (attempted abduction of a child, grooming, indecent images)

R v Ali [2015] (section 18 wounding)

R v Medd [2015] (historic indecent assaults on children)

R v H [2014] (a test case for Japanese anime/manga hentai being charged as prohibited images of children)

R v Gilbert [2014] (historic indecent assaults by convicted sex offender on young boys)

R v Causer [2014] (section 18 stamping with stiletto causing loss of an eye)

R v Meighan [2014] (stranger rape of a female in her own home)

R v Clark [2014] (historic rape and indecent assault of a child)

R v Cook [2014] (indecent images and extreme pornography)

R v Ali & Others [2014] (violent disorder)

R v Gowland [2014] (indecent images and voyeurism)

R v Mazzetti [2014] (care worker sexually and physically abusing his charges)

R v Wilkinson [2014] (inciting children over the internet to engage in sexual acts]

R v Bahrami [2014] (sexual assaults against co-workers)

R v DS & TS [2014] (rape)

R v Ali [2014] (rape)

R v Wilkes [2014] (conspiracy to burgle)

R v Brown [2013] (historic rape and indecent assault of a child)

R v Robert Hunter [2013] (paedophile posing as Justin Bieber to sexually incite young girls over the internet)

R v Hannan [2013] (conspiracy to launder money)

R v A [2013] (child cruelty and child neglect)

R v Bell [2013] (rape of a 13 year old girl)

R v H [2013] (indecent assault of a step-daughter)

R v Cockram [2013] (rape of an ex-girlfriend)

R v Haq [2013] (an adult charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl)

R v Gilmour [2013] (attempted murder)

R v Penn [2013] (female having sexual intercourse with a sleeping male)

R v Ali, Ahmed & Suleman [2013] (kidnap and section 18 wounding)

R v Leon Love [2013] (rape and assault by penetration involving multiple complainants and the use of a previous acquittal for rape under Re. Z)

R v Pritchard [2013] (a serially abusive and sadistic sex offender involving multiple complainants)

R v Laing [2013] (a serially abusive historic and contemporaneous sex offender involving multiple complainants)

R v Cornwell [2013] (a prison officer charged with multiple counts of indecent and sexual assault)

R v Gilling [2013] (historic indecent assault)

R v Halliday, Ridgeway and Wilkinson [2013] (conspiracy to supply large quantities of cocaine – based in the main on cell site evidence)

R v Clarke & Others [2013] (conspiracy to supply drugs and conspiracy to possess firearms and cause GBH)

R v Punshon, Richardson & Others [2013] (a large scale neighbourhood dispute involving weapons)

R v Singarajah [2012]  (a shop keeper sexually assaulting a customer)

R v Crangle [2012] (a care worker sexually assaulting clients)

R v Keith [2012] (child abduction and blackmail)

R v Davison [2012] (aggravated burglary involving stabbing and slashing house holder with a knife)

R v Tyerman [2012] (street robbery)

R v Askew [2012] (rape and sexual assault)

R v Depoe [2012] (section 18 stabbing)

R v Kumar [2012] (sexual assaults of two complainants with learning difficulties)

R v Ahmed [2012] (a taxi driver charged with sexually assaulting a passenger)

R v Paul Smith [2012] (s18: a violent domestic partner who cut the throat of a female partner causing life threatening injuries)

R v Parkin [2012] (series of rapes against a step-daughter)

R v Robinson [2012] (rape and sexual assault of a child)

R v J [2012] (child defendant accused of rape of a sibling)

R v Smith [2012] (a series of rapes against a step-daughter)


Regulatory cases:

The following is a sample of some of the regulatory cases conducted recently:

Dack, Jones & others [2017] (property maintenance Consumer Protection offences and fraud)

King, King and another [2017] (property maintenance conspiracy to defraud and Consumer Protection offences)

Lee, Dukes [2017] (conspiracy to sell counterfeit goods and Consumer Protection offences)

Liu, Hutchinson & others [2017] (conspiracy to sell counterfeit goods and Consumer Protection offences)

Cooney [2016] (property maintenance fraud and Consumer Protection offences)

Kemp [2015] (property maintenance fraud and Consumer Protection offences)

Rout [2014] (sales of counterfeit DVD’s)

HSE v A&P TEES Ltd [2013] (defending a local company following a tragic death on site)

Lowe, Wood and Russell [2013] (conspiracy to defraud and money laundering)

Grier-Hall [2013] (benefit fraud)

Golding [2013] (property maintenance fraud and Consumer Protection offences)

Baldwin and Clish [2013] (fraud and Consumer Protection offences)

Smales, Smales & Others [2013] (sales of counterfeit cigarettes and money laundering)

Bennison [2013] (consumer protection offences relating to shoddy building work)

Cason [2013] (benefit fraud)

Richardson [2013] (benefit fraud)

Lindley [2012] (eBay sales of counterfeit designer goods – Trade Marks Act)

Retallick [2012] (second hand car sales fraud and Consumer Protection offences)




BSc (Hons) University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The College of Law, York

The Inns of Court School of Law, London

Practice Areas

Regulatory and Criminal Litigation

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Member of the North Eastern Circuit (Appointed as Circuit Junior 2002/2003)

Criminal Bar Association