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About Me

Robin is recommended in the Legal 500 (2013) and identified as “one of the top five juniors on the circuit”. In Legal 500 (2015) he is recognised for his expertise in Cybercrime.

Why a Solicitor Should Choose Me

Robin receives instructions from the prosecution and defence in criminal and regulatory matters – appearing in the Crown Court, Administrative and Appeal Courts.  He also advises and represents professionals before their professional body or in criminal courts. Additionally, Robin undertakes employment law cases relating to discrimination and consumer rights cases.


Robin has particular experience in dealing with cybercrime and cases with complex data or scientific issues – he has appeared in numerous “cold case” DNA cases and in the “Threatkrew” hacking case (1.3 million pages of evidence).

His experience with complex medical evidence has led to Robin being instructed in Inquests arising out of hospital deaths.

Robin is currently instructed in substantial fraud and drug trafficking cases involving complex data.

Robin is very computer literate and prefers to receive instructions electronically , but can work with paper copies.

Recent Cases

R -v- M (2018) Conspiracy to supply drugs with prosecution using a witness under contract

Re : Rev X (2016 and 2017) advising a clergyman facing proceedings before the ecclesiastical court

R -v- F (2017) POCA arising from Cash4Gold case

R -v- D (2016) Allegation of Drugs supply by businessman

R -v- T (2016) Operation Sanctuary allegations of sexual grooming of vulnerable young women

R -v- R (2015) Theft of £550k by financial advisor from duped investors

R -v- P (2015) Allegations against unlicensed moneylender

R -v- C (2015) Prosecution of motor traders for variety of allegations of consumer breaches and company director offences

R -v- R (2015) Double murder of elderly parents

R -v- A (2015) Blackmail arising from dating sting

R -v- H (2015) Representing a professional footballer for glassing attack in a night club

R -v- H (2015) Cash for crash fraud

S-v- NHS (2015) Discrimination case in employment tribunal for Consultant

R-v- G (2015) POCA following murder of heiress

R-v- S (2015 and 2016) Trial and retrial of businessman accused of Class A drug supply

R-v- M (2014) Historic sex allegation against a professional man

R -v- E (2014) Historic sex allegations involving an employee and former employees

R-v- G (2014) The murder case involving the missing Hexham Heiress

R -v- W (2011-2013) Led a team managing the largest number of defendants (70) in a fraud case

R-v- X (2013) (Carlisle) Solicitor charged with doing acts tending to pervert the course of justice.

R v X (2012) Advising a DIY chain store in relation to compliance with health & safety contraventions in working practises.

In re: W (deceased) (2011) Inquest arising from the sudden unexpected death in hospital

In re E (deceased) (2010) Inquest in relation to an unexpected hospital death

R -v- S (2011) (Newcastle) Nightclub owner charged with murder. Involved use of a ‘contracted witness’.

R -v- G (2011) (Old Bailey) £6M online fraud on HMRC by South African accountant. Involved complex accounting data and extradition issues.

In re:GF (a firm) Wasted Costs (2010) (Southwark) Third Party Costs claim against City Solicitors arising from the collapse of  Fraud trial.

R -v- D (2010) (Newcastle) Terrorism case involving neo-nazi group producing ricin and plotting acts of terrorism. Case involved complex computer data.

R -v- Laws (2010) (Teesside) Theft of £1.3million by company accountant.

R -v- L (2010) (Newcastle) Murder of elderly man by hammer attack

R -v- N (2010) (Newcastle) Health professional charged with sexual offences against patients.

R –v- Barker (2008), (2009) and (2010) (Old Bailey) and the Court of Appeal: Notorious child homicide case known as the "Baby P " case and subsequent rape case involving the youngest witness to give evidence in the UK.

R –v- Cao (2009) Brutal double murder of two Chinese students. Complex computer data and scientific data.

R -v- M (2009) (Birmingham) Attempted murder by setting the victim on fire. Complex issues of fact and law.

R –v- D (2009) (Leeds) Solicitor charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice arising from a murder enquiry.

R –v- R (2009) (Teesside) Solicitor charged with a sex offence and perverting the course of justice.

R –v- G (2009) Long firm fraud involving 5 companies

R –v- D (2009) known as "Operation Reiver" the North of England Escort conspiracy.

R –v- W (2009) (Teesside) Case concerning  Company Director prosecuted by the Medicines Regulatory Authority in relation to advertising medicines and ‘legal highs’.

R –v- X (2008) Senior court official charged with Misconduct in Public Office and misuse of public money.





Practice Areas

Regulatory and Criminal Litigation


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