Teresa Taylor


About Me

Teresa is currently on extended leave from our Family Team.

Why Should a Solicitor Choose Me?

Teresa has considerable experience in representing the vulnerable disadvantaged client and clients with a learning disability which require the involvement of the Official Solicitor and Court of Protection.


Teresa specialises in all aspects of public law cases representing local authorities, parents, extended family and the children through their Children’s Guardians.

Teresa has experience in cases involving complex medical evidence, including skull fractures, death of a child, subdural and extradural haemorrhage and burn injuries.

She has also conducted cases where the possibility of genetic factors is explored as a potential explanation for serious illness or injuries and where Factitious Illness is involved.

In the private law field, she has many years of experience in the full range of disputes concerning residence, contact and related family matters and has been highly recommended for her detailed preparation.

Practice Areas

Family Law
Court of Protection and Mental Health

Qualified to undertake Direct Access work

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