Direct Access

If you think you need a barrister to represent you or offer you help and advice you can now go direct to them without instructing a solicitor first.

Public or Direct Access means you can now leapfrog the traditional route of going to a solicitor who will help you decide whether or not you need the services of a barrister and go straight to a Direct Access accredited barrister if you think that is right for you.

You’ll find many of Fountain Chambers’ barristers are accredited to take work from clients who approach them directly, although there is no Legal Aid available for those who do.


Our Direct Access-qualified barristers can offer you a range of services, from the traditional service where you are advised and hand-held every step of the way to a more bespoke service such as a written advice or a conference with your barrister before the first day at court. You can choose to simply have your barrister at court for the final hearing or perhaps you want to know what to put in the bundle of documents the court has told you to lodge before a hearing date. You might just want to find out what the merits of your case are before you proceed.

There are still limits on the type of cases and work that a Direct Access-qualified barrister can do and you may be advised that you need to instruct a solicitor rather than a barrister.

Get in Touch

Our clerks can offer you advice on Direct Access and our accredited barristers. For more information contact Amanda Mallett in relation to Criminal Litigation and Frank Hughes in relation to Civil and Family Law on (01642) 804040.