Robin Patton & Paul Rooney successfully defend in Operation Optic, a high profile case involving allegations of historical sex abuse

Following the cross examination of the first complainant by Robin Patton the prosecution offered no evidence in respect of a number of counts and a fresh jury was sworn to try the remaining allegations against the accused.

Following the cross examination of the senior investigating officers firstly by Robin Patton and secondly by Paul Rooney the Crown Prosecution Service were forced to review their case at Newcastle Crown Court.

The cross examinations exposed serious failings by senior Northumbria Police officers in connection with the identification of suspects in historical cases. The cross examination also revealed failings in the gathering and retention of evidence in the case.  It became apparent that procedural safeguards had not been adhered to and potentially very important  documents were not stored correctly or disclosed to the CPS.

The CPS conceded that as a result of the cross examinations, there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction and the case collapsed, forcing the CPS to offer no evidence on all counts for each of the defendants.

Operation Optic Part 1, involved allegations of serious historical sex abuse by 13 men and a woman each of whom denied any criminal conduct towards females, some as young as 12 years.

As a direct result of Optic 1 collapsing, the CPS had to offer No Evidence in relation to all counts in Operation Optic 2 & 3 that were due to heard later this year.

Operation Optic was under the umbrella of Operation Sanctuary and may call into question the safety of the convictions of the defendants who were convicted in those trial