Scott Smith


Scott was called to the Bar in July 2003. Prior to that he served in the British Army for over 10 years and was the director of a legal agency. He is a well-established practitioner in both the family and criminal courts and has been instructed in cases of substantial gravity within both areas of practice.

In particular he has been involved in a large number of cases in both criminal and family courts where there have been allegations of rape and / or serious sexual offences.

Scott’s knowledge of both areas of law makes him ideally suited to accept instructions where there are parallel proceedings and he regularly dealt with applications regarding the disclosure of material between family and criminal proceedings.

Scott accepts instructions in Financial Remedy Proceedings.

Scott has excellent client care skills and extensive experience in proceedings that involve representation or questioning of vulnerable parties.

Scott is qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public and businesses under the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme.


Notable Cases

Family Cases

In 2018 Scott successfully represented a Father in private law family proceedings that involved a mother who alleged that their child had been conceived as a result of rape. This allegation, along with others, were found to have been fabricated.

In 2018 Scott represented a local authority where the parents had substantial learning difficulties and alternative carers, that were positively assessed, resided outside of the UK.

In 2018 Scott represented a parent in proceedings that involved allegations of force marriage and female genital mutilation.

In 2017 Scott was involved in proceedings where non-accidental injuries, including sub-dural hygrommas and retinal haemorrhages had been inflicted.

In 2017 represented a mother who was alleged to have cut tubing from an external ventricular drain system which had been connected to her child following brain surgery.

In 2017 Scott advised and represented Cleveland Constabulary in obtaining disclosure of material from family proceedings where the Father had admitted causing a non-accidental injury to a child. The material was an essential pre-requisite to allow criminal charges to be brought against the father and went to the Court of Appeal where the order obtained by Cleveland Constabulary was upheld.

Criminal Cases

In 2018 Scott represented a mother who was accused of child cruelty after it was determined that her partner had sexually abused her daughter.

In 2018 Scott represented a defendant who was determined to be unfit to plead and / or stand trial in proceedings where he was alleged to have been involved in a multi-handed robbery.

In 2017 Scott successfully represented a defendant in a high value fraud case where it was alleged there had been multiple fraudulent applications for car loans through various finance companies.

In 2014 – 2017 Scott represented one of the defendant’s in ‘Operation Sanctuary’ which involved allegations of serious sexual offences, the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable persons. The proceedings took over two years to finalise and raised numerous legal issues including the use of convicted sex offenders as convert human intelligence sources.

In 2016 Scott successfully represented a defendant who had spina bifida, dyslexia & dyspraxia and mental health issues that impacted upon his long term memory in historic sexual offence proceedings that dated back to the 1980’s.





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