Aisha Wadoodi


Aisha is a specialist Criminal Practitioner with over 20 years experience in the Crown Court. Aisha is a Panel 4 prosecutor and is approved to prosecute rapes and serious sexual offences. 

She was appointed a Recorder in 2019. 

Aisha is fluent in Urdu (first language) and is able to read Arabic and is very familiar with Islamic Law and cultural practises. 


Notable Cases

R v Barstow and Fletcher Junior to Mr P Makepeace QC – Prosecuted both defendants who were indicted with Murder that took place in Fletcher’s flat. There is 11 minutes of mobile phone footage which revealed that by early evening Mr Barnes had received a severe beating and was utterly helpless on the floor. The Crown made submissions to the sentencing Judge that the tariff should start at 30 years, given the sadistic manner in which the victim had been killed. The Judge accepted the Crowns submissions. Barstow received a sentence of 26 and half years imprisonment and Fletcher 25 years. 

R v A Prosecuted a 51 year old defendant, convicted after a 4 week trial of 14 counts of rape and sexual assaults on children. One child was as young as 4 when the defendant raped her and the other child was a male victim of 14. The defendant received a sentence of 32 years comprising of 24 years imprisonment and 8 years extended license. 

R v Hewad Shivzad. Prosecuted the defendant who was convicted of rape of 5 year old girl. He was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment. The complainant was reluctant to give evidence but was reassured by counsel who was able to converse with her in Urdu. February 2019 

R v Weaver Jahmal. Junior to Mr P Makepeace QC – Defendant was charged, along with four others, with offences of murder, manslaughter and two counts of section 18. This Defendant (and one other) were acquitted of all charges after a 4 week trial. One of the co-accused was convicted of Murder and two others of manslaughter. 

R v Ashley Colville. Prosecuted the defendant who was a prolific sexual predator who had a engaged in several conversations with an undercover police officer, who had assumed the persona of an 11 year old girl. The defendant was convicted after trial. 2018 

R v Terence Coleman. The defendant pleaded guilty to sexual communication with a child. The defendant had been communicating with the vigilante group dark Justice. The Judge was addressed in mitigation about how the group had overstepped the proper parameters when communicating with the defendant. The defendant was sentenced to a community order.2018 

R v Aaron Ledean . Prosecuted the defendant, who was a teacher and pleaded guilty to historic sexual assaults on the victim who had been a 14 year old school boy at the time. He was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. 2018 

R v Dowson and Bowmaker. Prosecuted two defendants, who were both convicted of rapes after a 6 day trial. The victim was 13 when she said she had been raped by both. She also said she had had a consensual relationship with one of the defendants. 

R v Wilkinson and Pears. Prosecuted two defendants who pleaded guilty to Causing death by Dangerous driving. 2018 

R v Majid Safabakhsh. Prosecuted the defendant for sexual assault, he was convicted after trial. He was a Judo instructor and the victim was a young woman with Aspergers Syndrome. 2018 

R v Samuel Thompson. Prosecuted the defendant who was a young man who had groomed a young school girl he had met on holiday. He pleaded guilty to various sexual assaults. 2018 

R v William Nicholson. Prosecuted the defendant who was the 16 year old half- brother of the 8 year old victim. He was convicted after a 4 day trial. Teesside 

R v Dale Hutcheson. Prosecuted the defendant who was convicted after a nine day trial of 5 counts, including rape and sexual assaults. He was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. Teesside 2017 

R v Mark Davison . Prosecuted the defendant who was convicted of sexual assault that had occurred at a party after a hunt ball. 2017 

R v Jason McSorley. Prosecuted the defendant was for The victim had stated that when she was about 8 to 10 years of age the defendant had sexually assaulted her. However when the victim was 15 she disclosed that there had been two occasions of rape which she had not disclosed previously. The defendant had a trial. At trial his previous convictions for possession of indecent images, were utilised to demonstrate his interest in penetrative sexual activity with young girls. He was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. 2017 

R v Neil Mclean. Prosecuted the defendant who pleaded guilty to various sexual offences . He had communicated with a young child, who had informed her grandmother, the grandmother then communicated with the defendant and assumed the role of the young child. The defendant pleaded guilty to various offences including possession of a paedophile manual. 2017 





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