Collette Price


Collette has previously been listed in the Legal 500 as a leading junior in family. She has over 20 years’ experience working within Family Law and is relied on by both solicitors and clients for her attention to detail and commitment to seeking a resolution to their cases in their clients’ best interests.

She believes in advising clients as early as possible about the potential outcomes of their cases to allow them to make the right decision for them. She is also conscientious and efficient in providing feedback to solicitors where they cannot be present at court.

Collette’s public law experience is extensive including cases involving sexual abuse, serious physical harm, brain injuries and Facitious Illness Syndrome. She frequently represents local authorities from around the area as well as parents and other family members who find themselves involved in the family law system.


Notable Cases

Re S – private law case including a 16.4 Guardian (2015)

Protracted proceedings in which mother alleged that father had sexually abused their young child and subjected her to domestic abuse. Collette represented the father. Following a finding of fact hearing the court determined that mother had invented all of the allegations and ordered direct contact should resume. In a second set of proceedings a year later, to clarify contact arrangements, shared care was ordered.


Re G – private law case including a 16.4 Guardian. (2015 / 2016)

Mother stopped all contact between two primary school age children and their father following disclosures of sexual abuse. Father denied the allegations and cross-alleged emotional harm by the mother. Collette represented the father. At the conclusion of a finding of fact hearing the court found that the children had been subjected to emotional harm by their mother and been coached into making the disclosures. An interim care order was made of the court’s own motion and the children moved to their father with immediate effect. The proceedings concluded with the children in the full-time care of their father.


W v L – private law case including a 16.4 Guardian. (2017)

Representing the mother in long-running private law proceedings between parents who had never lived together, late into which, mother made allegations of rape within her relationship with father to explain her concern about contact taking place. At a finding of fact hearing the court made all of the findings sought by the mother and contact between father and child was terminated.

Re G-P [2019] EWCA Civ 56 (Peter Jackson, Leggatt LJJ, Moor J.) (2018 /2019)

Led by Nkumbe Ekaney QC representing the Intervenor in a fact finding hearing involving a young child with serious head injuries.


Re G (2019)

A case before the Designated Family Judge to undertake enquiries into the care planning for two girls who were subject to care orders and placement orders (to be placed together) who had been separated after final orders were made. Complicated legal issues involving how the court could come to be seized of the issues involving both children.




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