Police Disciplinary Team

Highly Experienced Team

Members of the team have been involved in some of the most high-profile cases ranging from Raoul Moat to the Cleveland BME discrimination case. The team specialise in providing advice from the inception of an inquiry through to the conclusion of proceedings. The expertise we have amassed in other areas of law e.g. general and serious crime, as well as public law are deployed appropriately, in order to gain the maximum benefit for the client.

The team is recognised as having a depth of experience within an ambit of Police discipline tribunals including Gross Misconduct hearings, Police Appeals tribunals and Judicial Review. Members of the team are available to represent either the Police force or the officer facing the allegations.

The team, which includes an ex-Police Officer, and a qualified Legal Chair of Police Discipline Hearings and a former Assistant Coroner, are very alert to the anxiety and troubles that disciplinary proceedings cause, consequently we respond by covering the individual issues and expectations of each case, prioritising the liberty and career of the
officers concerned.

Members are able to present cases on behalf of the Regulator, and bring their experience from prosecuting general and serious crime as well as their experience of presenting for other regulatory bodies.

We also have experience in representing officers in Civil actions, Employment Tribunals and Inquests. Members of the team are interested in the area of pension appeals in relation to officers who have been medically retired.

Professional Development Providers

A member of our team has presented training courses on advocacy to the Police Federation of England and Wales and we are happy to provide continuing professional development if requested.

Police Disciplinary Team