The importance of representation at coroners’ courts is growing with the advent of a new Act and a greater emphasis on coroners producing critical reports following deaths.

Inquest Specialists

The inquest team is dedicated to providing a highly professional service in an environment that is often emotionally and technically complicated. They understand that a different approach is often required in a court of inquiry.

With considerable experience in representing people and adjudicating at coroners’ courts, the inquest team represents families, employers, the NMC, police and other organisations and individuals as required.

The Teesside jurisdiction alone contains some of the region’s busiest hospitals and prisons, and has notable incidences of industrial disease and social issues connected to its past.

Members of the team, who are both approachable and friendly, appear at inquests on behalf of clients both regionally and nationally.


If you would like any further information about our Inquest Team or to decide who can best help you with a particular case please contact our clerks on 01642 804040.

Our Inquests Team