Sam Faulks


Sam’s practice covers 2 broad jurisdictions: the Crown Court and the Coroner’s Court.


For over 20 years Sam has undertaken all aspects of prosecution and defence work in the Crown Courts, and has extensive experience in dealing with cases of serious violence, large scale frauds, large scale drugs’ importation and distribution, historic and contemporary sexual assaults, arson, cyber-crime (DDOS attacks) and even a nationally reported trial of large scale sheep rustling. Sam will often be instructed by the police, CPS and Defendants at the very early stages of cases in order to produce the best outcome. Sam also advises in and conducts confiscation hearings with complex issues such as so-called ‘corporate veil’ arguments and 3rd party claims.


A substantial part of Sam’s practice comprises regulatory cases. Many of those matters concern allegations of national conspiracies to defraud involving: building and repairs; large scale counterfeiting and internet fraud. As well as fraud and consumer protection legislation (including civil injunctive relief), Sam’s caseload covers agricultural regulation of livestock (welfare and disposal), food and asbestos regulation. The majority of these cases involve large volumes of paperwork, expert evidence and European legislation. Sam has diverse experience of Health & Safety having dealt with related cases in the criminal, coronial and County Courts (backed up by a previous practice in personal injury work). More broadly, Sam advises and represents appellants and respondents in firearms’ appeals.


Sam was the Assistant Coroner for Teesside between February 2009 and August 2016. In order to represent a family in his own Teesside jurisdiction, Sam returned his Coronial ‘ticket’ in August 2016 and is now able to represent individuals, families, employers and other groups both locally and nationally. His experience includes dealing with arguments concerning Article 2, juries, scopes of inquest, deaths in custody and police shooting cases. Those cases have included silks appearing, both before him when sitting as a coroner and against him. Given the ever-increasing influence that these courts have, Sam is not frightened of challenging poor coronial practice when it is evident. His knowledge of criminal and civil jurisdictions mean he is alive to the wider implications of the inquest process.

Direct Access

In suitable cases, members of the public can instruct Sam without the need for a solicitor and will be able to discuss what type of working relationship will best suit them for their individual case.


Notable Cases

2019 R v Sowerby (prolonged & distressing robbery of a disabled man)
2019 R v Howell & Howell (manslaughter)
2018 Re W (police shooting inquest lasting over 2 weeks – representing family)
2018 Op Vole (trading standards’ prosecution of conspiracy to defraud close to £100,000)
2018 R v Sparrow (arson: ‘duress’ removed from the jury at the end of the case)
2018 Re A (death in the course of physical restraint: inquest representing police)
2018 R v Hooton (PoCA proceedings involving complex ‘corporate veil’ and ‘other offending’ arguments)
2018 R v Cruickshanks (allegations of GBH not pursued against client after the Crown Prosecutor was ordered to attend court to answer wholesale failure to deal with disclosure)
2018 Op Honeybee (Trading Standards’ case involving 27 victims being defrauded of £125,000 across the county)
2017 Re K (inquest: representing care home – prolonged argument about operational and systemic duties)
2017 R v Jones (murder trial – death of father and daughter by arson: verdict of manslaughter)
2017 R v Falchi (Trading standards’ case of selling counterfeit goods with a value of more than £1,000,000 using 133 eBay accounts)
2016 R v Raine, Raine & Straughan (prosecution of a sheep rustling conspiracy lasting over 4 weeks: reported nationally and resulted in convictions, custody and later confiscation of £133,000)





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