Sir Peter Smith QC Joining Chambers as an Associate Member

Nov 8, 2019

Mr. Jamie Hill QC, as the Head of Fountain Chambers in Middlesbrough and Newcastle upon Tyne, is pleased to announce that on the 1st  of November 2019 Sir Peter Smith QC will be joining Chambers, as an Associate Member.

Sir Peter sat as a Judge in the High Court Chancery Division for nearly 20 years, before retirement in October 2017. As a trial Judge, in the Chancery Division, Sir Peter presided over numerous trials, largely financial, commercial & insolvency matters; but also many high value international claims. A former member of 460 Royal Exchange Manchester,  (formerly 40 king Street) (now Kings Chambers)  he was responsible for the creation and development of Chambers’ chancery and commercial work and its establishment as the leading Chancery/Commercial set outside London. He had, for several years, a concurrent career as a lecturer at Manchester University, and was the Editor of Barnsley’s Conveyancing Law and Practice and other publications. He was the youngest member of the Chancery Bar on the Northern Circuit to take Silk, and the second youngest ever appointee to the Chancery Division from Manchester.

He developed what was a large chancery practice both contentious and non-contentious covering most aspects of chancery law

Now living in the North East of England, Sir Peter, with his vast experience at the Bar and on the Bench, is available to accept instructions on a consultancy basis to evaluate cases and advise on strategy and presentation. He is willing to consider appearing in contentious cases both in the UK and Abroad

Sir Peter is also available to act as an arbitrator or mediator and appear in such hearings Worldwide.

He is also willing to attend Solicitors and Clients premises for consultations where necessary and to conduct mediations, arbitrations, advisory and court work on a world wide basis.