First Criminal Behaviour Order granted by Teesside Crown Court

Feb 25, 2016

Paul Rooney appeared on behalf of the prosecution at Teesside Crown Court on 09.002.16 in relation to Anthony JAHAN who had pleaded guilty to Robbery.

On 18.10.15 Jahan had threatened a university student that if he did not hand over money he would ‘stab him’.
Although Jahan did not produce a knife, he placed his hand inside the rear of his tracksuit bottoms waistband, implying that he had one. The victim was so scared he handed over money for fear he would be stabbed.
Jahan is well known in Middlesbrough for begging and is very aggressive towards members of the public.

Jahan was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for the robbery.

An application was made for a Criminal Behaviour Order to be issued in order to prevent Jahan from begging in the future.
The order was granted by HHJ Crowson and is the first order of its kind to be issued at the Teesside Crown Court, it was granted without a restriction of time and will last indefinitely.