Paul Rooney represents nurse at Inquest

Sep 26, 2018

Paul Rooney represented a nurse at an inquest into the death of a gentleman in a care home who had choked to death eating his breakfast whilst he was unsupervised. The nurse concerned had written the gentleman’s care plan which stated he should be supervised when eating and his food should be of a mashed consistency. The gentleman was given his breakfast by a health care assistant who failed to supervise him.

Following the  three day hearing there was no criticism made of the nurse by the Coroner.

It was a very emotionally charged inquest involving six members of the deceased’s family who were allowed to ask questions of the witnesses

At the conclusion of the hearing the nurse concerned and her husband wrote to chambers saying;”Please pass on our thanks to Mr. Rooney for his invaluable services and his advice and support during what was obviously a difficult time last week.”